This is Representations of your guardians for the number of doors in you house. If you have a garage attached to your house, just use a representation for the door in your house to your garage unless someone spends a lot of time in the garage, then use it for the garage door. The representations can be anything you'd like, pictures, statues, some kind of craft, etc. Usually, it is best if you can hang the representation by or across from the door, but it is not necessary. You can create guardians with visualization and crystals (servitors …. I will explain in another post) Putting them near the doors is just for your peace of mind to reaffirm that they are protecting the home, but if you feel comfortable placing them somewhere else, then do so.
A cleansed white candle for each guardian. A sage smudge stick or other cleansing incense like sandalwood or just sage in its raw form. Before calling house guardians to guard your home, you should give your home a good cleansing. Take the smudge stick (be sure you have a bowl to catch the ashes) and begin at the front door or use salt water to sprinkle with your finger tips Light the smudged and say a few words such as: «As I walk this house May it be cleansed of all negativity» Start walking around the house clockwise. Circle the smudge counter clockwise or just in a straight line in front of you towards the walls. Feel all negative energy flowing out, pushing it through the walls. When you come to a window, bar it by literally pulling the smudge stick back and forth over the window like you are tracing bars on it. Say something like: «I bar this portal from allowing anything to enter» Ignore inside doors, like doors to bedrooms. Go into all the rooms and bar all windows. When you get to an outside door, do not bar it. Draw a circle around the doorframe three times saying something like: «May no negative energies enter. If a negative person enters, May they leave their Negativity outside» If you have stairs, when you to them, go up and do the other floor (s) then back down and finish the lower floor. You should always end the cleansing right back where you started, at the front door. When you get back to the door, say a finalizing call like: «This house is cleansed. So mote it be» If you have a storage area that you can't climb into very well, bar the entrance to it and just make sure that anyone who goes up there wears a protection amulet or has their shields up.
Now take your house guardian representations and the candles to the place your family spends most of its time together. In most families, it is the dining room table, or other place you eat your food. Set a candle before each representation. Now, spirits are everywhere in every house and you are simply calling a few who would like to help protect your home. That is why it is important to cleanse the house first, so no unwanted spirits are there. Light the first candle having in mind which door you want the guardian to protect. Say something like: «I wish a spirit of this house to Guard and protect all who dwell here» Repeat this with the other guardians if you have more than one. When you are done, take a moment to meditate with them, then take them to their designated positions within the house and extinguish the candles. These candles are to be used only to call upon the guardians. You should introduce the family, including all pets to the guardians. To do this, light their candles (or just and call them), always where you called upon them in the first place. Then introduce your family one at a time. If you have a spouse who wishes not to participate, then tell the guardians that s/he does belong in the house and to protect them as well.
You can call the guardians at any time in the above manner. It is also good to meditate with them. Light the candles, call them, then meditate and you will see and hear them. It is a good idea to get to know them. On May Day, the Romans would do a ritual for their house guardians. So on this day, do something extra special for them. Always leave offerings out for the guardians when you call them, when you feel they have done something good for you, and on the Sabbats and Esbats. These offerings can be a small dish of left over food and drink from dinner. Put it in a place where pets and children cannot reach it. In the morning, you will find the food there, but the essence of the food, its nutrition and often times its taste, will be gone. Anytime you are going to do something different in the house, inform the guardians first. If you are expecting a child, getting a new pet, redecorating, or just having a party, tell them out of respect so they are not wondering what is going on! The most important thing to remember about your guardians is that they normally will stay in the house you called them in. If you move, tell them and tell them their services will no longer be needed at that house and then repeat the process in your new home! Blessings Moonstone The Celtic Witch ™
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