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Allow Astrology's guiding light
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Elevate with Cosmic Well-Being

Receive personalized astrological and tarot insights for harmony and positivity

Embody Lunar Inspiration

Adopt the energy of lunar cycles that ignite your motivation for achievements

Cultivate Calm Balance

Attain inner peace with 100+ lunar meditations, affirmations, and moon practices

Moon Magic For Harmony

Moon Guide: Navigating Your Dreams

Unique practices for each moon phase help you move towards your goals and dreams

Deep Answers to Everyday Questions

Experience a unique practice that combines the effective form of affirmations with content carefully curated to align with the Moon's energy. Harness this cosmic synergy to elevate your well-being and manifest your goals

Complete Astrology Tools

Daily, Monthly and Yearly Reading

Uncover celestial influences on health, relationships, career and more

Moon-Powered Manifestation

Experience a unique practice
that combines the effective form
of affirmations with content carefully curated to align with the Moon's energy. Harness this cosmicsynergy to elevate your well-being and manifest your goals


Your Gateway to Serenity

Optimize your wellness route with individualized meditations, tailored to fit your unique needs

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Alarm with lullaby

Maximize Sleep Wellness

Slide into the world
of serene nights and lively mornings
with our customized lullabies and alarms

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BEST: Lunar Guidance + Natal Chart
This app gives you the MOST relevant and accurate astrological profile! The daily lunar advice is grounded and applicable! The Tarot feature is incredibly intuitive and insightful! The explanations of each planetary position encompass tangible truth! This is by far my most loved and most visited app EVER!!!
Life changing
This app astrologically breaks down every single day for you into characteristics, health, business, beauty & care, relations, food, garden, exercise, and ritual. They also provide great daily detailed horoscopes, and have great resources for learning about wellness and lifestyle, and quick access to your full birth chart, with explanations and houses. Amazing app, you guys are doing great work
One of the best spiritual apps of found
I love this app. It has everything I feel is necessary to help one evolve using spiritual means while doing so by opening up the narrative to actual community and bringing the world closer together. I don’t remember if I came across the app on my own or if it was referred to me but I have def referred many friends to it since having first bought it for my partner and myself. Thank you to the creators and developers for such an awesome gift
My Favorite Moon App
I have recently got into the moon, the universe etc & I came across this app. Honestly, it was such a game changer, the information is vast, the set up is so easy to navigate & I must say, I find the font so aesthetically pleasing, which is always a bonus. I have not had one issue with this app & recommend it to everyone. So I'm glad I found it. Thank You All So Much ✨✨✨
I’ve come to rely on this app
I’m actually amazed by this app and its generosity. It is helping me through a very difficult period of my life, giving me tools to manage my ADHD as well as focusing on taking control of my business. It’s full of interesting articles to read and I’m amazed at how the tarot readings guide me to recognise cause and effect in my actions, thoughts and choices.
My Daily Guidance
Practical, beautifully designed app that I literally use daily to guide my thought process throughout the day! Includes meditations, daily practices for focus, fulfillment, calm, and direction. I adore it! I also love the weekly moon photos, and soothing background music!
Worthy Investment
The team that creates this app is always making improvements. The information is valuable, original and useful. I check it first thing each day. I got it because I wanted to track the moon but the info on this app goes way beyond- meditations, horoscopes, tarot and more. Totally worth the investment!

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