Nutrition Basics for the Lunar Month

Each lunar day has a unique energy. Whenever we manage to tune in to the lunar wavelength, our body, our mind and our soul are in harmony, and we are full of strength and energy. Even such a basic process as nutrition depends on lunar cycles and influences not only our body, but also our well-being in general.
There are days in the lunar month when you should limit the consumption of food, refrain from eating certain dishes, or trying new things, or even practice fasting. And there are days when you can go to a restaurant to enjoy exotic cuisine, or cook and eat a hearty dinner. In this article, we will share the basic principles of lunar nutrition.
People who practice fasting as a health improvement system are advised to do it on the days when the lunar phases change. The best time one can think of is the Full Moon and the New Moon. Those who choose to have no days without food, should opt for smaller helpings and lighter rations.
After fasting the human body becomes very sensitive to nutrition and any type of food will have a powerful impact on it. Therefore, if one of the goals of your fasting was to lose weight, it is important to continue keeping to a healthy diet in the future. There are simple nutrition rules that comply with the lunar cycles and empower you to live a healthy lifestyle.
A person’s appetite may increase on the Waxing Moon, and it is important to be disciplined enough to eat healthy foods, not to overeat, and give up on candy. The pounds gained on the Waxing Moon are harder to lose. The Waxing Moon activates “accumulation” processes. At this time, it is easier to build up muscle mass — for this you need to pick a protein diet containing an average amount of calories and be sure to exercise. If you want to start a diet or change your diet, a good choice will be to it during the Waxing Moon.
During the Waning Moon, you can experiment with new dishes and products and indulge in a most varied diet. You can also schedule various banquets and dinner parties. If you want to treat yourself to a delicious dessert or a piece of high-calorie cake, consider eating it on the Waning Moon, rather than on the Waxing Moon. The main thing is to watch the amount of food you consume. The Waning Moon activates excretion mechanisms in your body, and it is easier to say goodbye to excess fat during this period.
The diet should be rich in vitamins, micro- and macronutrients. Although limiting consumption of fast food or candy is advisable during these days, the emphasis in your diet should be placed on vegetables and fruit containing crude fiber. This will help activate fat-burning processes in the body.
The Moon influences not only our appetite, but also our mood. No matter what phase of the Moon we experience, always try to start your meal in a good peaceful mood. This way you will choose your dishes consciously and control the amount you eat. Enjoy your meals and stay healthy!
If you decide to have a fasting day during the month, you should be aware of the following rules and follow them: 1. Your first fasting experience should follow a consultation with a doctor. 2. Before a three-day fast, you should try fasting for one day. 3. A one-day dry diet provokes a strong thirst, but showers are not recommended. 4. Medically fragile people should drink water with lemon juice.
5. Dry fasting based on the calendar of Moon phases is contraindicated for people with kidney stone disease, liver diseases, and gallbladder diseases. 6. It is important to keep a diary, where you should write down your feelings, health status, and monitor changes in your indicators. 7. It is important to prepare for fasting correctly and conclude it smoothly. 8. Any fasting according to the Moon will be much more effective, if you take care not only about physical fasting, but also about spiritual austerity during these days.
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