The connection between lunar and menstrual cycles is an age-old concept that has been widely accepted across different cultures. Women's menstrual cycles are intrinsically linked to the lunar cycle, as both occur every 28 days on average.
While scientific research on the relationship between the Moon and menstrual cycles has yielded mixed results, paying closer attention to how our cycles align with the Moon can provide valuable insights into our current stage of life and help us better understand ourselves. With the release of the tracker feature in MoonX, you can easily track how your cycle relates to the cycle of the Moon and begin to understand yourself better.
The White Moon cycle is the most common menstrual cycle alignment, where menstruation occurs around the new Moon. The lunar energies align with our menstrual cycle energies, as the waxing Moon energizes us much like the follicular phase, while the full Moon is an energetic peak like the ovulation stage. During a White Moon cycle, the luteal phase aligns with the waning Moon, which represents a period of slower energy. Finally, menstruation aligns well with the mood of the new Moon, which is a time of reflection and quiet. The White Moon cycle is associated with the Mother cycle, and those who are aligned with it are primed for conception and gestation. Regardless of whether you plan to have a baby or not, this is a time in our lives where our energy is focused on caregiving, building, raising children, or developing ideas.
The Red Moon cycle occurs when menstruation falls during the full Moon and is believed to connect one to the Witch realm. During this cycle, the menstrual phase coincides with the full illumination of the Moon. This particular menstrual rhythm indicates that you may be more connected to magic, intuition, and the spirit world during this phase of your life. The Red Moon cycle is an excellent time for connecting with your spiritual, intuitive self and working with unseen energies.
The Pink Moon cycle occurs when menstruation falls during the first quarter Moon, which is the waxing Moon between new and full. This cycle suggests a transitional period in life, where you may be moving from the more intuitive, spiritual realm into a phase where you are outwardly focused and inspired to build things and connect with others. You may need to reconcile your spiritual needs and wants with your material needs and wants.
The Purple Moon cycle occurs when menstruation falls near the last quarter Moon, during the waning Moon. This is also a transitional period, but unlike the Pink Moon cycle, you may be shifting your focus from the physical realm to the spiritual side of life. This can be a powerful time to heal old wounds and expand into the next phase of your being. You may need to spend time dwelling in your inner realm and allow your focus to rest on your spirituality. The major question here may be how to reconcile the needs of your spiritual self with the realities of your physical body. So, next time you notice changes in your menstrual cycle, take note of the current phase of the Moon and see if there is a pattern. Who knows, you might just become a believer in the connection between lunar and menstrual cycles. Share your personal experiences and opinions in the comments below. Do you believe in the connection between lunar and menstrual cycles? Why or why not?
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