Herbs for the Moon cycle

We all know how much the Moon and its energies change throughout the month, and even gardeners use the Moon cycle to plan the seeding, planting and harvesting of herbs.
But did you know that there are medicinal herbs that are connected to the Moon and some even support the energies of each Moon phase? A lot of Moon herbs are cooling and moistening in terms of energetics, which represents the night and Yin aspects of the Moon. So, if you want to tap into the energy of Yin, and its relaxing, calming and soothing energies, you should have a look at these herbs, that are said to have a connection to the Moon in general: ✶ Clary Sage with its powerful properties that work against premenstrual syndrome, stress, depression and fatigue ✶ Milk Thistle that supports the nervous system, the liver and aids lactation ✶ Anise which is calming and relaxes the digestion ✶ Passionflower which calms both the mind and the body and helps agains insomnia ✶ Aloe with its gel can heal burns, wounds and other skin conditions such as psoriasis ✶ Lavender, whose medicinal uses go beyond the space I have here To connect with the energy of the Moon on a deeper level, there are specific medicinal herbs for each phase of the Moon. They are said to support the increasing or decreasing energies, influenced by the Moon’s cycles, and therefore help you to better align with nature and yourself.
The New Moon is a time for leaving behind the old and starting with new intentions and manifestations. But beware that the lunar energy is at its lowest point so it is also a time to relax and to support yourself with herbs that nourish you for the Waxing Moon that is coming. A great way to prepare for a new start is smudging Sage, so the smoke can cleanse the energies. More herbs that support the New Moon energies are: ✶ Ginger which promotes the movement of blood and life force and therefore action ✶ Nettle with its plentiful minerals and vitamins is a great herb to nourish your body ✶ Milky Oats which help soothe your nerves ✶ Reishi is a powerful adaptogen, so you can be calm in any type of stress ✶ Ashwaganda which is another powerful herb that relaxes the nervous system
The Waxing Moon is a time for expansion and gratitude, a time to push and move towards the goals that you started to manifest during the New Moon. So, there is a need for herbs that nourish both the body and the mind: ✶ Nettle with its densely packed nutrients to sustain the body ✶ Gotu Kola to strengthen the mind and to help general brain functions, like memory ✶ Peppermint with its uplifting and stimulating properties, that also help soothe the digestion
The Full Moon creates an abundance of energy, including lunar energy. It is a time for growth, action and also release. These heightened energies can be so intense that you might need to let them free through dance, physical activities or journaling. These herbs can help during this ecstatic time: ✶ Spearmint aids you with this energy boost and helps you to find clarity in all this ✶ Lemon Balm puts you in a good mood and can help you ground this elevated energy ✶ Mugwort is said to enhance your dreams and help you remember them better
The Waning Moon is a time when the energetic influence of the Moon is decreasing. The following herbs aid you to become slower again and to rest and reflect: ✶ Elderberry shows you what you need clarity on, and it is a great immune system booster ✶ Hawthorn strengthens the heart and kidneys ✶ Rose is another herb that helps a heavy heart and soothes the body and mind The time of decreasing energy is also the time to look for and consume roots, such as dandelion root and burdock root. Both are full of nutrition and excellent kidney herbs. Which of these herbs would you like to try?
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