The MoonX Tarot Deck was created as a result of our team's collaboration with the illustrator Alisovna. This is our first experience with our Deck, and we hope you'll appreciate it! The Deck features a minimalistic magical design and affinity with the theme of astrology. The design of the Deck is also consonant with the overall design of the App, all its elements form a single concept.
Often inspired by the beauty of the world, Alisovna creates illustrations that bring a sense of calm to our everyday life. For her, art is also a tool of self-discovery and meditation, which allows artists to express themselves. At first, she created several collections of magical women and illustrations, which were connected by the theme of spirituality, magic and love. And the idea came up to create a full deck of cards as a continuation of this style. As for the meanings of the cards, the Deck belongs to the Rider-Waite school. This school is characterized by a number of peculiarities, such as the numbering of some Major Arcana, as well as certain interpretations of the cards.
However, we’ve developed not only a system of meanings, but also added keywords, tips and cautions to the cards in order to make learning and reading the Tarot easier. In addition, the description of the Arcana is presented positively, because we believe that the Tarot is primarily a tool for self-knowledge, rather than a tool for a prediction. Enjoy your self-discovery journey, and MoonX is always there as a friendly support!
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