Hi there! We hope the Moon becomes an even closer and more understandable friend for you. We're super excited to introduce our new feature - Lunascope🌛.
Lunascope shows how the current Moon is affecting your emotional state through the planets, north node, and corner houses in your natal chart. We've crafted personalized Moon transits just for you!
To get your personalized messages and insights from the Moon, head over to ‘Moon Insight’ on the home page. Click on the ‘Full overview’ button, and then tap ‘Lunascope’ on the right. You can also find ‘Lunascope’ in the ‘Astrology’ section.
Inside, you’ll find recommendations tailored to help you better understand your emotional state and harness lunar energy for your goals. We’ve divided your Lunar transits into three categories: 1️⃣ Power ⚡ - Find out which planets and indicators from your natal chart the current Moon may be besties with. 2️⃣ Challenge 💎 - Discover which transits might be disrupting your emotional balance. 3️⃣ Alignment 👌 - Learn about the emotional connections you may feel strongest right now.
Each category has ‘Recommendations’ to help you better align with the Moon and move closer to emotional harmony. For detailed information on what each lunar transit means and how it interacts with your natal chart readings, click on the question mark next to the specific lunar transit. Don't forget that you can always record your observations in ‘My Journal’ by clicking the button with the same name. This way, your ‘Calendar’ will store all your lunar notes by the day. Wishing you loads of success on your self-discovery journey! 🌛🫶🏻
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