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This happens because the New Moon can be in the same house of your astrological chart during consecutive months. This is especially true when we use the Placidus system, a popular method in astrology that divides the sky based on your birth time and place. In the Placidus system, this repetition is actually a great advantage! When the New Moon stays in the same house for a few months, it emphasizes the life areas and themes of that house. It's like the Universe is giving you extra time to focus on these aspects, offering you extended opportunities for growth and reflection. So, if you notice similar challenges popping up in your Personal Lunar Cycle Challenge, embrace them! This is your chance to dive deeper into specific areas of your life and make meaningful progress.
If the theme of the Challenge doesn't resonate with you, remember that astrological houses cover multiple life areas. You can find information about additional themes in the 'About' section of the challenge. For example, if the 10th house and career-focused challenges aren't relevant to you, you can alternatively work on public image and personal branding during that month. The tasks are designed to touch on various related themes. However, if you're interested in something different, please let us know. We're open to expanding our list of themes based on popular demand.
Definitely! If there's enough interest, we might offer the option to choose an additional challenge. Contact our support team, and we will be happy to assist you.
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