Astrologers believe that our attitude to ourselves and the people, our feelings and emotions directly depend on the current Moon state. In this article, we’ll tell you why lunar affirmations work and how to use them correctly.
Before the affirmation makes it to the application, the MoonX astrologers carefully analyze the current state and sign of the Moon as well as astrological characteristics of this period. This data helps us select the life aspect that could be worked on most successfully in the next 2.5 days. This aspect becomes the “base” for the future affirmation, it’s main idea.
The text of each affirmation is prepared based on the recommendations from psychologists and coaches: -it is ecological, positive and concerns only you personally, -it is in present tense which allows our subconsciousness to feel the result now as opposed to getting ready for it in the future, -it is free of negative particles which are not perceived by our brain.
Thinking about the meaning of the affirmation, you “remember” that you are in harmony with yourself, deserve love, full of energy, and then you fix the result by rational conclusions.
For example, moving through Taurus, the Moon shares a great charge of energy with us. It is a favorable period for actions, and it is important to set yourself up for success. You open the affirmation and read: “Instead of waiting for things to happen, I make them happen myself! I am prepared for any difficulties that I will face today. I am successful and will succeed. I aim at the best, strive for the best and expect the best.” The energy of the Moon will activate, you will be more inclined to start any undertaking, you are not afraid of difficulties - and this is the moment when it all starts working for you! MoonX lunar affirmations is a unique practice that combines effective form of the affirmations and the content selected in accordance with the Moon energy. Our astrologers are ready to offer you the best experience and we invite you to start today!
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