šŸ’« The first time you launch the calendar, the app will request access to your IOS calendar events. If you want to synchronize your events, please, allow access. You can change this feature later in the settings. šŸ’« Your event data is not stored within the app itself. Instead, information about your events is downloaded as long as you use the application. Hence, if you decide to turn off calendar synchronization, all the events you've created will remain visible in your phone's calendar. However, they will no longer appear in the MoonX app.
The MoonX calendar consists of three sections: Moon, Tarot, and Cycle. These sections are designed to help you synchronize with the rhythms of the universe, both for your daily routines and your spiritual practices.
The Moon section includes a comprehensive set of calendars for all occasions. By selecting the appropriate display, you can access information about the lunar day and sign, the timing of major moon phases, and the periods when the moon is not following its course. The activity calendars feature a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing you to identify the best days to schedule various activities. By clicking on a specific day, you can obtain additional details and clarify important information. For example, you might learn that a day that's unfavorable for haircuts could be ideal for other beauty treatments.
This amazing feature ensures that all your events are automatically shared between the two calendars. Whether you add new events on the MoonX or iOS calendar, they will seamlessly appear in both, keeping you organized and up to date.
The Tarot calendar is a valuable tool for self-discovery. It allows you to recall the issues that were troubling you at various points in your life and see what advice the Tarot cards gave you in response. By analyzing past events, you can gain a deeper understanding of how the cards communicate with you and uncover additional interpretations that are specific to your situation.
Your period data is stored exclusively on your device in encrypted form, which provides the highest level of security. It is not accessible to us, and cannot be shared with third parties in any form. With this addition, you can easily track your menstrual cycles, receive accurate predictions, and note important symptoms and activities. Whether you're planning for a special occasion, managing your fertility, or simply maintaining a record of your menstrual health, our intuitive interface and comprehensive tracking options make it effortless.
At the top, you will discover icons representing major moon phases and astrological events, providing a holistic view of the celestial energies. If you have any questions or suggestions for feature improvement - please write to our support!
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