Astrological Aspects

Astrological aspects refer to the angles formed between planets in a birth chart, influencing how their energies interact. These main aspects, such as conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition, reveal the dynamics between celestial bodies, shaping our personalities, relationships, and life events. Understanding these aspects helps us navigate the complexities of our astrological chart, empowering us to align with the cosmic energies at play.
When planets are in conjunction, their energies blend seamlessly, amplifying their influence on our lives. A conjunction occurs when two planets are close to each other, usually within 0 - 10 degrees. This aspect is considered powerful, and the blending of the energies of the planets can be reflected in both positive and negative ways. Much depends on the awareness of the person himself. For example, a conjunction between Venus and Mercury may enhance our ability to express feelings with eloquence and charm, fostering interactions in relationships.
A trine occurs when two planets are approximately 120 degrees apart. This aspect is considered harmonious and brings ease, flow and natural talents from birth in the areas of life represented by the planets involved. For example, a trine between the Sun and Jupiter may indicate a person who is optimistic, lucky, and enjoys success in their endeavors.
A sextile occurs when two planets are about 60 degrees apart. This aspect is also considered harmonious and brings opportunities for growth. The difference from a trine is that here favorable opportunities for development must be earned. For example, through learning, experience and practice. For example, a sextile between Mercury and Uranus can inspire positive creative insights and breakthroughs in our thinking. But through the practice of developing creative thinking.
A square occurs when two planets are about 90 degrees apart. This aspect is considered difficult and brings tension. It is as if the energies of the two planets are at enmity with each other. As a result, one of the planets may not fully fulfill its functions. At the same time, over time, this aspect may bring great opportunities for tremendous growth, but through overcoming difficulties and conflicts. For example, a square between Mars and Saturn may indicate a person who struggles with limitations and delays in achieving their goals. But there is the possibility of developing through great effort a super organization and discipline that will help one act.
An opposition occurs when two planets are about 180 degrees apart. This aspect brings awareness of opposing forces within oneself or in a relationship. It is like a constant tug of war or a seesaw. For instance, an opposition between the Moon and Pluto may indicate someone who experiences intense emotional conflicts or power struggles in their relationships. We wish for you to accept the cosmic dance of aspects, uncovering your best talents and abilities, and attracting the most favorable events on your journey of self-discovery and personal evolution.
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What is the difference between lunar and daylight hours?
Lunar tips and day characteristics in the app are based on lunar days, which can sometimes differ from calendar days. This is because lunar days are determined by the position of the Moon, and they can change independently of calendar days (daylight hours). So, you can read a horoscope for one lunar day and when you check it later, it may change to the next lunar day. Since sometimes the change of lunar day can happen in the middle of the daylight hours. This is the normal behavior of the app, and it is designed to give you unique and personalized information for each lunar day. If you have any specific questions or concerns about horoscope readings, feel free to let us know and we'll do our best to help you further!
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You have several ways to log in to your account through: Google account, Apple ID, Email and Facebook. In order not to lose your profile data (tarot history, calendar, notes, etc.), it's important to use and remember your way of logging in to your account on another device, for example. Also, your registration in the application is automatic after filling out your profile data. You can see your ID if you click on the "Sign in with Apple" button, which is the same as registering your profile data. In the same window, you can log out of your account and then log in with the same ID. But it is important that your profile information is saved, otherwise you will have to re-enter it when you sign in again.
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We offer several subscription options for your convenience. You can purchase a Premium plan: · on a monthly, · annual, · lifetime basis, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits your needs. Importantly, there are no hidden extra costs or long-term contracts. We aim to make your experience as straightforward and transparent as possible. Additionally, we provide a trial option that is available at your discretion. This trial period automatically upgrades to an annual subscription after its expiration, ensuring a seamless transition for those opting for a yearly commitment. It's worth noting that you can cancel the trial at any time, providing flexibility and control over your subscription choices. You have the option to use the trial version only once. If you try to activate the trial again, your subscription will be upgraded to an annual one.
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