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As already mentioned, the Tarot cards are a system, which means that if you understand its basic principles, learning the Tarot will be much faster and easier. To better remember and interpret the minor arcana, it is worth knowing that all cards with the same number have a common basis to their meaning. And also, each suit denotes a different aspect of life. Recall that wands relate to spirituality, intuition, creativity, and ambition; swords relate to knowledge, strength, and intellect; cups represent feelings and emotions, and pentacles represent material values, finances, and work. When you learn the general meaning of the suit and the energy of the number, you only have to look at the picture to understand the meaning of the card in its entirety.
Each Ace is the blind power of a suit, its potential. However, potential is only a force hidden in a situation that says nothing about whether we will succeed. So, each Ace is telling us "there's opportunity and potential," but whether or not it will grow or if we'll take advantage of that opportunity, the Aces don't show us.
The twos in the Tarot reflect the duality of the world and the phenomena and processes occurring in it. It is the unity and struggle of opposites. The main message of the twos is doubt, the idea of balance after the odds are received.
The threes in the Tarot as a whole carry a definitely positive meaning, not counting, the Three of Swords. Threes in the Tarot represent action, the realization of an idea, the emergence of a new quality, expansion. Whereas Twos represent imbalance and constant attempts to find balance, threes are the next step, in which the situation of choice ceases to be such, certainty appears, and movement appears.
Fours in the Tarot signify stability, stability, order, completion, and, sometimes, stagnation. In addition, the four can be seen as a site of rest and respite between two life cycles. After the creative dynamism of the threes, we now need context and limitations to orient ourselves.
All Fives in the tarot system are rather tense cards. It's a turning point, after which events can either go in the right direction or take a disastrous turn. However, to think of Fives as something negative is fundamentally wrong, because these cards show all our mistakes, blunders and weaknesses that we should pay attention to.
Sixes in the Tarot represent harmony, restored balance, comfort, achieving results, receiving benefits and bonuses. They have a positive meaning in all suits. Even if the layout has an unfavorable trend, the appearance of a six says that problems will not be difficult or serious.
The sevens in the Tarot speak of instability and uncertainty, of the importance of making the right decision and, overcoming difficulties, implementing your ideas with no guarantee of a positive outcome.
Eights indicates that we're only two steps away from the end of the road. So it's time for a spiritual transformation. After all, you can't be happy with successes or confront difficulties if there isn't harmony inside.
Nines are power, excess. The nine expresses the maximum of its suit. In the Tarot, the number is an indicator of fulfillment, and represents the result of our actions. In the energies of 9, one is no longer struggling with the world around him, he is focused on himself and the work of his Soul.
As the last numerical card of each suit, the tens really complete the series. Sometimes they are interpreted as the achievement and embodiment of what the Aces promised. Sometimes the tens are like a warning that excess is not always helpful.
Consider the example of the three of wands: the wands in the deck denote initiative, creativity, and achievement. The three represents perspective, expansion, and growth. By identifying the suit and number, we can already tell a lot about the card. Now let's turn our attention to the image. The man standing on the hill represents a sense of leadership, vision, and a willingness to explore new horizons. His gaze fixed upon the sea signifies a sense of anticipation and readiness for the future. The three of wands, one of which the man holds firmly, symbolize the manifestation of his ideas and the foundation he has established. The fact that the wands have already grown into the ground and started to sprout signifies the initial stages of progress and growth. The positioning of the two wands behind the man suggests that he has already put in the necessary effort and laid the groundwork for his future plans. Together, these symbols convey a message of embracing opportunities, taking action, and having the confidence to pursue one's visions. The three of Wands encourages us to step forward with enthusiasm, knowing that our ideas and insights have the potential to flourish and bring about positive outcomes! Would you like to learn more about court cards? P.S.: My question was whether this article would be helpful to readers :)
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