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Your Ascendant, or rising sign, in your natal chart is responsible for your appearance, the way you present yourself to the world, and how others perceive you when you first meet them. When working on your daily style and closet, consider a few astrological parameters, especially your sun sign and your rising sign. If you need to ensure a high visibility at the first meeting (interview, date, or negotiations) and be remembered — let alone become a perfect fit for the situation — then we suggest you pick your outfit based on the energy of the sign, in which your Ascendant lies.
In astrology, this term refers to the sign that rose on the eastern horizon at the exact time and location of your birth. To learn the location of your ASC open your natal chart in the MoonX app, find the ASC icon and see in which sign it lies.
You can radiate confidence and attract by using red and black in your image. To showcase your energy, add sports or military elements to your look — tennis shoes, sneakers, backpacks, and metal accessories. A shirt and boyfriend jeans will do the trick, too: a reference to masculinity will expose your elegance and empower you to achieve your goal.
Dressing in sync with the energy of Taurus will successfully emphasize your natural beauty and femininity, while showing your judgment and practicality. Use natural soft materials, as well as quiet colors — pastel and natural shades (beige, powder-pink, cream, emerald). A dress with a belt or a wrap dress would be a great idea. It must look expensive, but due to high-quality natural fabrics, rather than garish colors. A Taurus rising will look good in branded luxury clothes that are simple, yet expensive. Various chokers, necklaces, scarves, and shawls will add femininity to your look. High heels should be put aside. After all, comfort is what matters the most for Taurus. Choose stylish comfy low-heel shoes.
You are all about youthfulness and style. You most likely look younger than your age. Make the best of it! You can afford to combine several styles, and blend clothes of inexpensive brands. Benefit from modern mass-market — you can have plenty of items for various combinations to look relevant and make a statement as a curious, interested, and intelligent person. Street casual is the best style for you: jeans and jackets, fun print T-shirts and comfortable skirts, low-heeled shoes or sneakers.
Your look will demonstrate your care and gentleness. Flower-dotted dresses and ruffled blouses and puffed sleeves — in your case, these stand for femininity, vulnerability, as well as warmth and peace, but never infantilism. A perfectly balanced look will be ensured by maxi-skirts, rather than jeans, and cashmere, rather than leather. Share your security with world through the choice of colors. The best options are dark and light blue, white, and silver.
Your winning strategy is to be conspicuous by wearing designer items, extravagant jewelry, and lush colors. Leo risings can afford to wear a little more jewelry than others. You will produce a bigger impact if you choose to wear gold or use the color of gold in your image — gold shoes, bag, or bronzer in your makeup. To showcase your self-confidence and royalty as early as the first meeting, remember to keep a straight posture. Keep your head high, square your shoulders, and make sure your back is straight – this is how you maintain your harmonious image for success in society. Work on your hair, make sure it is lush and shiny, add a custom-made accessory — and you will surely have the attention you need.
You are always neat and impeccable. Pay heed to the details of your look — accessories, jewelry — they will make it complete and perfectly balanced. Try wearing a checked or striped suit to a meeting to bring order and structure to the world around you. You feel you look well-balanced and natural in it, don’t you? Treat yourself to branded high-quality items. But follow one important rule — things should be not only beautiful, but also functional.
Whenever you appear in a space full of new people, you create an aura of beauty and peace. To enhance this effect with your clothing, elegant style is the best choice. Even if you seek to keep up with the fashion, remember to add femininity to your look: wear heeled shoes with an oversize jacket; this season’s trendy pants should be expertly combined to ensure sophistication and aesthetics. Make use of jewelry, scarves, and light blouses. The color of your attire should depend on your mood, and remember that combinations of blue, pink with black and pastel colors will look great on you.
You can easily display your power and sexuality by embracing the energy of Scorpio in your closet. Dark and deep colors in both clothing and makeup suit you: black or navy blue dress, purple ankle boots, burgundy leather jacket, black eyeliner or dark deep nail polish... Using chiffon or leather inserts, or spider-themed accessories will empower you to create a mysterious and attractive image.
You can capture the crowd and captivate it with the vibe of progressive and optimistic mood. Your flamboyant eclectic style will do just that. Eclecticism is not just a set of mismatched motley colors or styles, but a subtle combination of items that fit based on some attribute: color, texture, pattern... Your image of an open-minded person will be emphasized by a wide-brimmed hat, a large bag, or a big bow on your neck or belt. You will never look out of place in a slip dress with leather boots, lace blouses and blue jeans — anything that resembles country style.
You are the lucky one who is easiest to remember at a job interview and make an impression as a true professional at a business meeting. You look as natural as it gets wearing business suits, white shirts combined with pencil skirts, and austere dresses. Your look alone tells those around you that you can be trusted! To add some playfulness for a less formal meeting, while following Capricorn’s energy, complete your look with bright accessories and colorful shoes.
Forget about dressing like everyone else! Everyone remembers you due to your vibe of freedom, revolution, and something ultra-modern. To support this energy you can experiment with unconventional makeup or hair. The most suitable colors for your closet are sky blue, ultraviolet, ultramarine, metallic and neon shades. Pick some noticeable item to emphasize your appeal.
You are best remembered for you romantic and unusual look. Wear flying skirts and dresses, shawls and scarves, asymmetrical blouses, and opt for dark green. Wherever you appear, people will perceive you as a mysterious stranger who can disappear at any moment. To have your image captured in people’s memory, use their sense of smell: choose a unique perfume that will be associated with no one else.
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