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September’s full Moon is in fireball Aries! And as if that wasn't intense enough, Mars, the planet that governs Aries, connects with Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Neptune at La Luna's peak.
Feeling a bit overwhelmed? It's like walking into a room where five powerhouse personalities are all vying for the spotlight. But where do you fit in? With so much action in the skies, it's easy to feel like an over-stretched rubber band. And now, with the Moon in Aries, a sign brimming with passion and motivation, there's this urge to give your all, even when you're scraping the bottom of the energy barrel. Perhaps there’s a voice in your life - a teacher, a boss, or even your inner critic - turning up the dial, demanding more from you. You want to live up to those high expectations, but it might feel like you're peddling a bicycle with deflated tires. How thin can you stretch before you snap? It's a question no one should have to face. And the good news? La Luna says you don't have to as long as you have clearly defined boundaries. Interestingly, Mars is currently in Libra - the sign of equilibrium, peace and calm. Think of it as the cosmos’ gentle reminder to marry Aries' oomph with Libra's knack for balance. Envision Libra as that insightful friend, whispering, "You got this; just pace yourself. It’s the encouragement to chase your dreams without burning out before the finish line. And let's take a moment to tip our hats to Aries. After all, we all have Aries in our birth charts somewhere (even if it’s just ruling an astrological house). This fire sign has a commendable spirit; meeting challenges head-on when others might shy away. Also, locating where Aries sits in your chart shows how you might feel this lunar influence. So, here’s the takeaway: The Aries' full Moon is an invitation to unite the Ram's relentless drive with Libra's gift for harmony and limitations. Absolutely aim high and reach for the stars. You're poised to make significant strides this lunation. Just remember to take a step back and recharge when needed.
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