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The last week of summer (from August 27th to September 2nd, 2023) prepares us for the upcoming season. It's the period to align yourself with a new phase. You may need strength to balance between relaxation and preparation for the future, to embrace the next stage with energy and confidence.
Today, you might feel a lack of vitality, joy, and optimism. The Saturn square Sun aspect complicates self-expression, lowers vitality, and demands a serious approach and hard work to overcome obstacles. Others may place additional responsibilities on you. To avoid falling into despondency, it's advisable to cultivate humor and optimism, facilitated by the cheerful Moon trine Jupiter.
This aspect instills self-assurance and the ability to act. You'll easily initiate new projects or tackle tasks that seemed difficult before. Physical exercises and sports activities will bring you joy and satisfaction.
During this period, you might be inclined to see situations in a more optimistic light than they actually are. This could lead to underestimating risks or misjudging situations. You might feel overwhelmed by emotions and become more prone to impulsive decisions, particularly in relationships and finances.
During this period, you might feel the need for solitude and self-reflection. The Moon in Pisces could heighten your ability to perceive others' emotions. You'll literally «sense» the atmosphere and moods around you. Meditation, creative pursuits, and meetings with psychologists can be particularly beneficial.
The Full Moon in Pisces symbolizes dreaminess, and Saturn can help you give practical form to these dreams. Finding balance between your spiritual aspirations and real responsibilities is important. This could be the time of intensive self-work, questioning life's meaning, values, and goals. Read our articles for more insights into the August New Moon.
With the Moon in Aries opposing its ruler, Mars, tensions in relationships with others could arise. Your emotional reactions might lead to conflicts and misunderstandings. You may feel the need for self-assertion and protecting your interests. However, be cautious not to become overly aggressive or dominating.
During the transit of Moon trine Venus, individuals across all zodiac signs tend to gravitate towards indulgence and self-pampering. Events and gatherings held during this period are often more enjoyable and memorable. Yet, amidst the merriment, many might overlook their duties and lose sight of their drive. This week, the variety of aspects will enrich your life with diverse emotions and events. Maintain balance between optimism and reality, show tolerance in communication, and use the opportunity to explore new areas. Inner flexibility and openness to change will assist you in successful navigation of this week’s events.
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