Mercury enters Cancer

Mercury enters Cancer on June 26 (June 27, depends on your location) and stays there until July 11. As this cosmic shift takes place, it's time to dive deep into the realm of emotions and intuition. 💭💖 With Mercury responsible for our thinking and speech, emotional Cancer may make people especially sensitive to words and intonations. Empathy will be aggravated for those whose natal chart has many planets in water signs. We may have difficulties perceiving things objectively, but could be easily offended by the companion. Here are some language recommendations to stay in sync with this energy: 1️⃣ Speak from the heart: Allow your words to be guided by empathy and compassion. Choose your language carefully, be mindful of the impact it may have on others. Let kindness and understanding shine through in your conversations. 2️⃣ Listen attentively: Practice active listening and give others your full attention. Avoid interrupting or rushing to conclusions. Understanding and patience are key. 3️⃣ Choose gentle tones: Be mindful of your intonations and the way you convey your message. Use a soft, soothing tone that conveys warmth and support. 4️⃣ Seek clarity, not assumption: Due to heightened sensitivity, misunderstandings can occur easily. Instead of jumping to conclusions, ask clarifying questions to ensure you fully understand what others are trying to express. This will help you avoid unnecessary conflicts. 5️⃣ Practice self-reflection: Before engaging in conversations, take a moment to check in with your own emotions. Being aware of your own sensitivities can help you respond thoughtfully rather than react impulsively. Remember, during this time, our words hold immense power. Let's use that power to uplift, inspire, and create harmony in our interactions. 🌈💫
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