The last New Moon of this calendar year will take place on December 23rd in the sign of the industrious and goal-oriented Capricorn. The Moon is not going to be visible in the sky, but it doesn't mind it – after all, Capricorn also does not like to be in the spotlight. Capricorn would prefer doing something productive to night sky watching – and we are ready to plunge into the sea of pleasant holiday chores!
The month beginning with the New Moon in Capricorn can be characterized as a period of increased motivation and goal orientation. However, the actual days of the New Moon are difficult for many of us to endure. They say that a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step – and this is indeed true for Capricorns. Their activity, patience, and belief in their own values can be a good example for all of us. We prepared a meditation for you to help you cope better with this uneasy period:
🖇 Planning Many of us ask ourselves: “How to achieve my goals?” By being goal-oriented like a Capricorn! Contrary to many misconceptions, achieving your goal does not depend on discipline or self-control, but on whether it is meaningful and important to you! In fact, Capricorns know how to be lazy and relax just as well as other zodiac signs. However, at the moment when the goal is set, they act selflessly, because they are well aware of its meaning. And most importantly, the goals set by Capricorns are truthful and important, and express the very essence of the need. That is why, before setting goals for the next lunar month (and possibly the next year), honestly admit to yourself which of your goals are truly yours, and which, unfortunately or fortunately, are not! 💡 Thinking strategically Since Capricorn is an earth sign, he knows how to act in the conditions of the earthly reality. He doesn't have the ephemeral thought energy like the air signs, nor a bottomless cup filled with feelings like the water signs. The earth energy is aimed at interacting within the existing resources, and the most efficient and rational use of everything we possess. That is why, after setting goals, try to come up with a clear strategy for achieving them. Estimate the amount of time and money you have, remember and take into account how your motivation works and how you can replenish it. 💫 Learning from wise people Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is often referred to as the "planet of life lessons". Numerous people born under this sign are faithful to traditions and are always happy to learn the wisdom of life. On the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays, we often have long get-togethers where we talk about life and philosophize. Try to meet the person who you think is wiser than you. This is not necessarily your relative or someone older than you. Perhaps this is your spiritual mentor or a close friend. Talk on the topics that are of interest to you and try to learn some important lesson for yourself. Don't forget to thank them for their wisdom, or even give them a small gift! 🎁 Creating and passing on traditions The Moon in Capricorn is in exile and feels uncomfortable. Why is this happening? Mind that in astrology, the Moon is the ruler of Cancer – the most family-oriented sign of the Zodiac. The Cancer sign is in opposition to Capricorn. Do you see a connection? In this case, you can make the Moon more relaxed in a Saturnian way – through introducing them to traditions! You can create a tradition at work or in your family, with friends or a loved one. It can be something as simple as a thank you evening, or it can be complex – let your imagination run wild and listen to your own heart.
😓 Isolation Indeed, during this New Moon, we have little understanding of our own emotions. At this time, many of us even keep relatives at a distance, are restrained when expressing our feelings and are indifferent to the many life joys. If you feel like being alone even for a short time, try to have an interesting time: take a walk or read your favorite book. 🤦‍♀️ Excessive control, lack of emotions and callousness Capricorn is the sign of the elders, and he often teaches and controls without knowing when to stop. Such behavior in combination with emotional restraint can be perceived by others as callousness. Do not be afraid to let go of some situations – in the end, everything that is done is for the best!
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