Venus Retrograde

Venus starts its retrograde motion on July 22 (or July 23, the date depends on your location) and ends on September 3 (September 4). Roughly every year and a half, the planet associated with Love, Beauty, and Finance goes into reverse, causing upheaval in these areas of life.
Love: It's not recommended to initiate a romantic relationship during this period. The person you're attracted to may not turn out the one you thought they were. If you're considering setting a wedding date, it's best to wait until the second half of September and revisit the idea then. If you practice witchcraft, love spells may not be as effective during Venus Retrograde, so it's better to wait until the planet is moving in the right direction. Shopping: Under the influence of Venus Retrograde, you may find yourself inclined to splurge unnecessarily. It's advisable to avoid making large or impulsive purchases during this time. Some suggest refraining from any purchases altogether, but that may not be feasible. If you do decide to buy something, like a fancy suit, be prepared for the possibility that it may not fit as planned or meet your expectations. Consider the cost-to-desire ratio before making a purchase. If the cost is relatively low for you, you can take the risk, but don't expect too much from such purchases. Appearance and beauty: While Venus is retrograde, it's best to avoid getting an unconventional tattoo or dyeing your hair in an unusual manner. Our perception of beauty may be clouded during this time. It's worth researching instances of people getting tattoos they later regret and examining if Retro Venus played a role. Stick to your regular beauty routines during this period and save the experimentation for early autumn. Finances: Exercise caution with your finances during this period. It's likely that you won't be able to make objective investment decisions during Venus Retrograde, which would increase the risk of losses.
Instead of starting new relationships, focus on improving existing ones. Reflect on how you can enhance your interactions and ensure mutual enjoyment. Old friends, lovers, or partners may reenter your life during this time. Analyze past relationships and identify lessons you can benefit from. Finances: Take the opportunity to reassess your financial outlook. Develop a plan to increase your cash flow and reduce expenses. However, hold off on making significant financial moves for now. Beauty: Make time to visit museums, galleries, and indulge in new experiences. Since our perception of beauty may change during Venus retrograde, it's fascinating to observe what captures your interest during this period and expand your aesthetic horizons.
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