Litha is a Wiccan feast celebrated on the day of the winter solstice. This year in the Southern hemisphere it falls on December 21-22 (depends on your location). ☀️ As the solstice sun reaches its zenith, nature's symphony crescendos into a breathtaking masterpiece, with blooming flowers swaying to the rhythm of life and vibrant foliage whispering ancient secrets in the breeze. In this enchanting moment, we are invited to immerse ourselves in the profound beauty of the natural world and celebrate the boundless abundance that surrounds us. 🙏 Awaken with the dawn and witness the celestial theater unfold as the sun peeks over the horizon. Find solace in a secluded spot, where the earth and sky converge, and let your spirit soar alongside the rising sun. In the gentle caress of its first rays, offer gratitude for the life-giving energy that sustains all creation and breathe in the promise of a new season brimming with infinite possibilities.
🔥 As twilight casts its spell upon the land, gather kindred souls under the starlit expanse, where flickering flames dance to the rhythm of joy and ancient tales. Ignite a bonfire, a beacon of camaraderie and unity, and let laughter and song fill the air. Share stories that weave together the threads of the past and present, as the vibrant flames mirror the flames of passion and creativity burning within our hearts. Offer herbs, fragrant blooms, or handwritten intentions to the dancing embers, releasing them to the universe as sparks of transformation and manifestation. 💐 Embrace the spirit of Litha by adorning yourself with a celestial crown, woven with the delicate petals of summer's bloom. Select each blossom with intention, infusing them with your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Let the vibrant colors and delicate fragrances awaken your inner radiance, reminding you of your connection to the cycles of nature and the ever-present spark of divinity within.
🕯 Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, create moments of stillness and reflection. Find sanctuary in the gentle embrace of nature or a quiet space adorned with flickering candles and aromatic incense. Allow your thoughts to wander and your spirit to soar, as you delve into the depths of your being. Engage in ancient rituals, guided meditations, or divination practices that beckon you to connect with the profound energies of the solstice. Through these sacred moments, gain insights, renew your sense of purpose, and align with the radiant energies of the season. ✨ As we celebrate Litha, let us remember that its true beauty lies not only in the rituals and traditions but in the authenticity of our connection to the natural world and our own divine essence. Embrace the warmth and wonder of the summer solstice, allowing its transformative energies to awaken your spirit and ignite the flame of your soul. May this sacred celebration fill your heart with boundless joy, inspire your creative endeavors, and remind you of the limitless possibilities that lie within the radiant embrace of Litha.
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What is the difference between lunar and daylight hours?
Lunar tips and day characteristics in the app are based on lunar days, which can sometimes differ from calendar days. This is because lunar days are determined by the position of the Moon, and they can change independently of calendar days (daylight hours). So, you can read a horoscope for one lunar day and when you check it later, it may change to the next lunar day. Since sometimes the change of lunar day can happen in the middle of the daylight hours. This is the normal behavior of the app, and it is designed to give you unique and personalized information for each lunar day. If you have any specific questions or concerns about horoscope readings, feel free to let us know and we'll do our best to help you further!
How to create a profile and how to log in?
You have several ways to log in to your account through: Google account, Apple ID, Email and Facebook. In order not to lose your profile data (tarot history, calendar, notes, etc.), it's important to use and remember your way of logging in to your account on another device, for example. Also, your registration in the application is automatic after filling out your profile data. You can see your ID if you click on the "Sign in with Apple" button, which is the same as registering your profile data. In the same window, you can log out of your account and then log in with the same ID. But it is important that your profile information is saved, otherwise you will have to re-enter it when you sign in again.
How does the profile restoration process work?
If you delete your account, all your data will disappear in the app, including your date of birth, tarot history, notes, etc. If you delete only the app and then re-upload it, your profile will be populated with your previous birth information. If you didn't delete your account, and logged into the app through your Apple ID, and then logged in also through your Apple ID on another device, your date of birth will be restored, as will your tarot data history, notes, etc. It is important to log into your account using the same login method. If you download the app to another device and hit the restore button, only premium access will be restored, not your profile history. You will need to log in to the app to restore all your data. Under the same login methods.
What are the subscription options?
We offer several subscription options for your convenience. You can purchase a Premium plan: · on a monthly, · annual, · lifetime basis, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits your needs. Importantly, there are no hidden extra costs or long-term contracts. We aim to make your experience as straightforward and transparent as possible. Additionally, we provide a trial option that is available at your discretion. This trial period automatically upgrades to an annual subscription after its expiration, ensuring a seamless transition for those opting for a yearly commitment. It's worth noting that you can cancel the trial at any time, providing flexibility and control over your subscription choices. You have the option to use the trial version only once. If you try to activate the trial again, your subscription will be upgraded to an annual one.
How does MoonX trial work?
The MoonX trial allows you to experience our Premium features with a limited-time free trial. During this period, you have full access to the benefits of our Premium plan. If you wish, you can cancel the trial period at any time before it expires. What's more, if you decide to continue with the annual subscription after the trial, you can enjoy it at a discounted rate. This special offer provides you with the opportunity to access our premium services at a lower cost for the entire year. It's our way of showing appreciation to our users who choose the annual commitment.
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You should go to the AppStore, search for the MoonX app, click on it, then scroll to the description and find the paid benefits after the free ones.

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