Weekly astrology forecast

Uranus ends its retrograde and thus the changes await. In general, the week is favorable enough to set the base for new undertakings. Remember to care about yourself: you may be unusually sensitive and in need of love. Hug your loved ones more!
On January 22nd Uranus goes direct. It has been retrograde since August 24th, 2022. This may have been the time to reconsider your understanding of personal space and to figure out how we engage in the changes that happen globally. We analyzed the past and the changes were flourishing within us. Now the energy of Uranus direct inspires us to open to the future instead of looking at the past, try something new instead of sticking to the old, get rid of anything that prevents us from blossoming. Revolutionary Uranus is now in the earth sign of conservative Taurus. This means that the circumstances (Uranus) will make us leave our comfort zone (Taurus). However these changes are needed for our better future. Taurus, in turn, leads us to believe that the changes will be possible once we build a strong base for the breakthrough. During the short conjunction of Venus and Saturn it will be easy for us to resist temptations, we may feel pessimistic. But we learn the lesson from this conjunction: when facing difficulties we understand what’s really important and what will make us persistent enough stay on the path.
Amazing aspect which brings us luck, pleasant opportunities and optimism. We feel the flow of life's power and energy. There’s a good chance to complete your undertakings in a positive way, especially those connected with superiors, negotiations and foreign partners. Watch out for luck!
Venus in Pisces brings us romance and sentimentality. Venus that symbolizes our love, romantic relationship and finance, feels perfect in the intuitive Pisces. Things to do: - spend time with your loved ones, - love and fall in love, - engage in arts, - monetize your talent connected with esoteric and spiritual practices, - do charity.
You may be in need of communication today. Be careful when choosing your words to make sure people understand you correctly.
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