Mercury goes retrograde again from April 21st till May 15th. It will be moving in the Taurus sign.
The period of Mercury retrograde brings about confusion and miscommunication on a large scale as Mercury rules over communication, technology and transportation. It can be difficult to make decisions or plan anything during this time due to the chaos that ensues. Because of this, it is best to take extra caution when making any important decisions or agreements. It is also wise to avoid starting new projects, signing contracts and putting off difficult conversations until the retrograde has passed.
Mercury retrograde in Taurus can cause confusion and make communication even more difficult. We may find ourselves struggling to express our thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly. We may also experience delays or miscommunications with others. This can be particularly frustrating if we are trying to get important tasks done. Also, we may find ourselves making decisions that we later regret, so it's important to take a step back and think before taking any action. We may also feel extra sensitive during this time, so it's important to be kind and gentle with ourselves and others.
🤝 Making big decisions or signing important contracts. Mercury retrograde can cause communication issues and confusion, provoking difficulties when making sound decisions. 💼 Starting new projects or launching business ventures. As Mercury is in a weakened state, it's best to focus on finishing existing projects and tasks rather than starting something brand new. 💻 Relying on technology. Mercury retrograde can cause digital mishaps, so it's best to back up all important information or files before this period starts. Additionally, avoid relying on online services and double check your messages as much as possible. 🤔 Making assumptions. Misunderstandings can easily occur during this period. To avoid any issues, make sure to double check information and ask questions if needed.
👀 Examine yourself and your emotions. Look at the choices you’ve made in the past and consider how they have impacted your present situation. Consider what lessons you can learn from them and how you can use those lessons going forward. ⌛️ Re-examine old projects and relationships. Take an honest look at them and consider if they can be salvaged or improved if necessary. If not, then maybe it’s time to move on. ⚖️ Rethink your strategies and plans. Are they working? If not, are there any areas that can be improved or adjusted? This is the perfect time to review and make the necessary adjustments. 🧺 Get organized and declutter. Take this opportunity to bring order back into your life by getting rid of all those physical items that no longer serve a purpose. 🧘‍♀️ Reflect and meditate. Take some time to be still and just reflect on your life, your relationships, and all that you have experienced up until this point in time. Meditation is also a great way to relax and nurture yourself during these times of uncertainty. 💸 Review your finances. Check if you are meeting your budget goals, and see where adjustments may need to be made. Mercury retrograde is not something to fear, but rather a chance for growth. Take advantage of this time by utilizing its energy for self-reflection and personal development. As the planet moves forward once again, be sure to use your newfound knowledge to make more informed decisions in the future. Good luck!
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