In the last days of the passing year, we are excited about MoonX major update and want to tell you more about everything we've been working on so hard!
Give your loved ones MoonX gift card for one year with unlimited access to all app features. You can purchase a year's subscription to MoonX in your profile. The app will then generate a link that you can share with the gift recipient. At this time, you can only give the iOS version of the app as a gift. However, if this feature would be useful for Android users - please contact us!
Write down your question as you draw the Tarot card. Your question will also be saved in the Tarot calendar clutch so you can make your Tarot work even more insightful. As a reminder, when guessing the tarot, it is better to ask questions that suggest a diffuse answer! If your question can be answered with "Yes/No," you can interpret the straight card as "Yes" and vice versa.
We've put the lunar tips together in one place to make it easier to read them. In addition, you can now also share the tips with your subscribers and friends. New elements have been added to the home page of the app: we'll be sharing practices, articles, and meditations that are appropriate for today, as well as reminding you of our features so that your experience using the app is even deeper.
- Can’t wait to share Tarot insight? In just a click share the image or the link to your social media or messenger! - Busy planning your year? Look up the yearly horoscope and make the best of it! We thank you for your feedback, suggestions and all kind words! We love you to the Moon and back ❤️
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