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As the new moon tucks itself into the comforting arms of Cancer, it gently reminds you that you can't drive your life forward if you're always looking in the rearview mirror. In real-life goals and your spiritual journey, clinging onto what's familiar can be like a chain around your ankle, stopping you from stepping into new, exciting chapters. Now, picture Cancer's symbol, the Crab, known for its tough outer shell. It's strong and resilient, but that strength isn't meant for playing it safe. It's there to give you the guts to try new things, meet new people, and leap into experiences that push your limits. This lunation asks: Why wear that metaphorical armour if you don't use it to take on a few daring adventures? When the new moon enters Cancer, we find Pluto—the planet of change and transformation—sitting across the sky. This cosmic alignment is like a postcard from the universe, inviting you to look back at your past, not regretfully, but with the courage to learn from it. Sure, some memories might sting a little, but there are also plenty that made you smile, taught you something, or helped you grow. This lunation is about seeing your past not as a trap but as a springboard. Let your memories, good and bad, fuel your steps towards a future filled with thrilling opportunities. Each bump in the road, every high and low, has shaped you into the person you are today. After all, what's a little rain if it leads to a beautiful rainbow? So, under this new moon in Cancer, it's time to untie the chains of the past, gear up with your courage, and step confidently into whatever comes next.
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