Weekly astrology forecast

This week we are expecting the Last Quarter Moon, as well as several aspects - Sun-Mars Trine, Venus-Mars Trine, Sun-Pluto Square, Venus-Pluto Square, Sun-Venus Conjunction, and Mercury-Saturn Trine.
With the Sun-Mars Trine we will feel more love and compassion for our physical bodies. It’s a favorable time for practicing self-love and acceptance rituals as well as doing sports. Be open to insights concerning your desires and passions.
Last Quarter Moon stations in Cancer on October 17. We should free some space for new energy. With the emotional sign of Cancer, it’s easier to cope. Let go of everything that’s not working for you and take better care of yourself.
On October 18 Trine Venus-Mars encourages us to socialize. This is a great time to have a date with a lover or a night out with friends! With active Mars and artsy Venus, we are ready to spend the day on creative projects. Crafting, painting, and dancing activities are in favor.
On October 19, the Sun forms a square with Pluto. Challenges can arise to test us. It is better to postpone impulsive actions and be alone with your fears for a while. Growth requires inner strength and resilience. Spend this day in self-reflection and action-planning.
On October 20 Venus squares Pluto. It’s going to be a very intense day for those in relationships. Pluto forms a Square with the planet of love, which creates tensions in couples like jealousy and excessive control. Do your best to prevent conflicts with your loved ones.
Sun-Venus Conjunction brings harmony into our friendship and relationships. At the same time, the Mercury-Saturn Trine provides us with mindfulness and attention to the details. You should concentrate on productive work today, and have a good time with friends in the evening.
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