Weekly Astrology Forecast

The astrological climate is improving! This week, we will join you in opening up to new things, capturing insights, luck and signals of the universe, dating, communicating on philosophical matters and getting rid of bad habits and limiting beliefs.
The favorable aspect between Venus and Pluto activates our love and financial intuition — we are now capable of looking into the core of things. People tend to have more intense emotional experiences, vivid feelings, and inspiration. Romantic ties may grow stronger, whereas financially, chances of increased incomes and new prospects tend to increase.
Enhanced shrewdness during Pluto/Mercury sextile will empower you to see clear connections between events and people’s ulterior motives. Spend time on learning, as there is a good opportunity to gain some secret information or awaken the expertise that you have forgotten about. The context will help this knowledge open up to you. This is a good time for analytical work and also for sales. After all, this is when we become most persuasive and eloquent!
Our creative imagination and appreciation of beauty are heightened. Pay attention to the signs of the universe: when the Sun is in trine aspect to Neptune, we are especially good at seeing them. This aspect also enables us to be more sensitive to those close to us. Take advantage of this to have high quality enjoyable interactions with family and friends.\n\nToday’s another favorable aspect between Venus and Jupiter will bring good fortune and delightful opportunities. Use this time for partnerships, collaborative projects and events. There is a chance for you to boost your popularity, especially those of you who are involved in creative work.
Sagittarius’s fiery energy pushes us to seek the ideal in love and relationships. Venus will be in Sagittarius in the period from November 16 through December 10. During this time, we will be actively meeting new people, falling in love, showing openness to our partners and new experiences. Do not be afraid to make all your wildest dreams come true, talk to your partners more often, surprise them and surprise yourself as often as possible.\n\nIf you are in search of your significant other, Venus in Sagittarius advises you to look for love abroad, while you travel or stay as a student.\n\nAre you infatuated by your new acquaintance? Be in no hurry to walk down the aisle! Remember, Sagittarius is prone to over-idealization. So let’s wait for Venus in the next sign to ground our relationship.\n\nMercury trine Jupiter coincides with the last quarter Moon — a great time to rid yourself of limiting beliefs and rethink your path and goals. Jupiter will help our thinking to be more open and innovative.
Mercury joins freedom-loving Venus in Sagittarius. It will lend us the freedom to communicate without artificial frameworks or understatements. It will be easy and pleasant to talk about anything and everything, as people tend to speak their minds. But be vigilant: now we can build air castles and believe in someone else's. This time is enabling for philosophers, teachers, mentors, as it will be easier to convey your thoughts and influence your surroundings.
Powerful Pluto in a sextile aspect with the Sun enhances our ability to meet challenges and achieve goals. It’s the perfect time to start exercising and kicking bad habits, especially since the Moon is waning.
Mars retrograde square Neptune brings a tiny bit of chaos to such a wonderful and inspiring week. We will be looking for the slightest excuse to procrastinate and have thoughts about something sublime instead of doing the real thing. These emotional outbursts may even compel us to take reckless steps or create the appearance of teeming activity. It is time for grounding!
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