Astrological forecast for February 12-18

Third quarter Moon in Scorpio the day before Valentine's Day. What does that mean for us? What energies will grip us during this week and what will we be capable of?
We are approaching the third quarter of the Moon, the time when the Moon is in square to the sun. This aspect gives us some tension and emotional difficulties in the background. This time the Moon will be in Scorpio, which will add to our internal anxiety. But remember that Scorpio can give you both anxiety as well as courage and determination. Therefore, it's time to review your plans and actions as well as look at difficulties that are coming up. It is worth asking yourself: why these difficulties? Maybe they indicate that you need to change course or change the way you act? The energy of the Moon in Scorpio will help us make decisions.
We wish you a nice St. Valentine's Day. Hopefully you never forget to love: not only others, but, first of all, yourself! Mercury in opposition to Lilith today will allow us to be honest with others. It will be easy for us to talk about fears and worries. Conversations can help relieve inner anxiety. We can discuss the thoughts that do not let us sleep at night.
Even if just yesterday you were not overcome by romantic feelings, it is quite possible that today you will be. You may also notice increased emotionality, sensitivity, and the ability to empathize with others in yourself and other people. This is a great time to help those who have asked you for help, or ask for help yourself if you need it.
Today we get an excellent opportunity to deal with some serious business and focus on things that require perseverance. Eliminate everything that's superfluous on this day and take responsibility for yourself and for your life. Saturn in conjunction with the Sun will give us endurance and discipline, even if this Sun is in intuitive and romantic Pisces.
17th/18th February (the date depends on your location), after Saturn's hard work, it's time to ponder the future, think again about your goals and take a broad look at this world. Mercury sextile Jupiter allows us to be more open to new things and to feel free to look at this life without prejudice. It is also an excellent aspect for negotiations and promoting goods and services.
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