Weekly Astrological Forecast

Bringing you the forecast not for the skies, but for the soul. Should you pack an umbrella of caution or sunglasses of optimism? Find out what’s expected in the climate of your life this week.
Venus opposes Jupiter, highlighting that relationships and pleasures may expand due to outside influences; remember that even sweetness needs balance. Good for: Enjoying sensual pleasures, socializing, cultural activities.
With harmony between desires and dialogue, the atmosphere is ripe for expressive conversations and artistic outpourings. Good for: Romantic communication, creative projects, self-expression.
New beginnings beckon under the Sagittarius New Moon. A potent day to set intentions and ignite passionate pursuits that introduce adventure and broaden horizons. Good for: Setting goals, starting new ventures, physical activities.
Dreams versus reality themes surface. A balance of idealism and practicality will be your best guide. We've prepared a special article for the Mercury Retrograde - find it in the Events section. Good for: Grounding exercises, practical decision-making, exploring creativity.
A day of meaningful connections and revelations. Keep your heart and mind open to life-defining insights. Good for: Networking, making important decisions, personal growth.
Words wield healing power today; bravely speak your truth to find restoration and resolve. Good for: Therapy or healing conversations, assertive communication, physical healing.
Emotional rollercoaster alert! Navigate the highs and lows with understanding and patience. A good day for self-care and emotional bravery. Good for: Emotional self-care, adventurous activities, resolving conflicts. As we wrap up this week's soulful weather report, remember that just as storms give way to sunshine, challenges are merely precursors to brighter days ahead!
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