Astrological Forecast for July 9-15

This week invites us to freely express ourselves and our creativity! Explore the joy of self-discovery and let your unique voice resonate with the world around you.
When Mercury forms a trine aspect with Neptune, the astrological energy of the day is infused with heightened intuition, imagination, and spiritual awareness. This aspect enhances our ability to express ourselves with compassion, empathy, and sensitivity, making it an ideal day for engaging in artistic pursuits, spiritual practices, or deepening our connection to the subconscious mind.
With Mercury opposing Pluto, our thoughts and conversations may delve deep into the realms of power, transformation, and uncovering hidden truths. Simultaneously, Mars enters Virgo, helping us assert our practicality, attention to detail, and a desire for efficiency. Mars trine North Node further amplifies our sense of purpose and direction. Seize the day and weave your own cosmic symphony of powerful actions!
Get ready to ignite your inner voice and shine brightly as Mercury makes its entrance into the bold and expressive sign of Leo! As Mercury squares the North Node, the energy of the day is charged with dynamic tension and a call to align our communication and thoughts with our karmic path and higher purpose.
With the Sun square Chiron, we may encounter sensitive wounds that require attention and healing. It's a time to confront our vulnerabilities, embrace self-acceptance, and engage in compassionate self-care.
During the third-quarter Moon phase, we are called to release what no longer serves us and greet the renewal. As the Moon transits through Gemini, it ignites a spark of intellectual activity. Therefore, it will be especially helpful to have a brainstorming session on this day so that new creative ideas can be directed toward solving problems illuminated by the reflection of the third-quarter Moon.
It's a great time to explore new and thrilling experiences, as you'll have the freedom and opportunity to do a lot. Your creativity is sparked, and you'll feel confident in expressing the vibrant and lively aspects of your personality.
It is a time of deep emotional release and reflection as we prepare for a new lunar cycle. This phase encourages us to let go of the past, heal emotional wounds, and nurture ourselves with self-care and self-love. Honor your emotions, seek solace in the comforts of home and family, and connect with your intuition.
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