On November 8, 2022, a total lunar eclipse will rise at 16 degrees Taurus.\n\nThe eclipse will be fully visible over the Pacific and most of North America. The celestial phenomenon will be observed live in Australia, Asia, as well as some parts of South America and Europe. MoonX users will be able to follow the eclipse right in the app — we will send you a push notification and place a respective banner on the main screen.
During the upcoming eclipse, the Moon will be 100% blocked. However, it is not entirely dark. Earthlings will be able to see the Moon slowly grow darker and gradually change its color from bright white to orange red — which is why the New Moon that coincides with an eclipse is referred to as the blood moon. Remember that the eclipse falls on the axis of the opposite signs with about a two-week interval and triggers a powerful transformation process in our lives. This year, the two corridors are on the Taurus–Scorpio axis, which is responsible for the balance of resources and finances. Read more in our guide. Depending on their positions in the natal chart, Taurus and Scorpio are associated with various areas of the horoscope; therefore, changes can be manifested in various realms of our lives, however, resources, internal capacity, and transformation are the three priorities for this corridor.
First and foremost, this is a total eclipse —the lunar energy is completely lost in the shadow of the Sun; therefore, the obscure luminary is losing is properties. Our intuition, our inner voice, our prudence are also “overshadowed”, and fears, inhibitions, and doubts tend to surface. It is important to remember what truly matters — we all require this period to enable internal deep transformation, and emerging insights should be perceived as indications of the direction, in which we will be growing. While in Taurus, the Moon is working as a therapist, encouraging us to ponder over our real feelings. During an eclipse in Taurus it is productive to think about love, beauty, and everything that is stable and continuous in our lives. Some of them might have become outdated and no longer satisfy us, calling for rejuvenation. However, do not rush into action yet — try to figure out what happens to you and model several case scenarios. To feel better during the eclipse, engage in any available practice: meditation, yoga, or physical exercise. We have also picked a few audio affirmations for you that are associated with the eclipse in Taurus. Listen to them before you go to sleep and after you awaken in order to harmonize your energy and set yourself up for positive change.
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