Astrological Forecast for May 7-13

We have just emerged from a two-week eclipse corridor, which means that the events occurring during this time won't be as faithful as they could have been during the corridor. Moreover, this is the last week of Mercury retrograde. So, It's time to reflect on the past two weeks, the situations that have resurfaced, and the lessons we should have learnt.
If you're open to new romantic acquaintances, be aware that relationships formed during this period, from May 7th to June 5th, may be deep and serious. People tend to bond more quickly during this time. Be attentive to each other's feelings, as we may be very vulnerable now. Be careful with expenses , as there is a risk of overspending to solve other people's problems. However, this is a great time to shop for things that will make your home more comfortable.
Continue with your usual routine. The Moon in Sagittarius calls you on adventures with friends, but remember that it is important to avoid disputes with them today, as quarrels and arguments can drag on.
It brings fresh and unusual ideas to the forefront. The feeling of renewal and freedom is in the air.However, be wary of issues with technology and IT services. Uranus can spice up the influence of Mercury Retrograde.
Venus is responsible for pleasure, joy and our ability to choose while the North Node shows our life purpose. So use this time to indulge in your hobbies and passions. When you're doing what you love, you're more likely to feel fulfilled and connected to your goal.
Today inspiring events may happen given that we select the right trajectory. Those around you may appreciate a piece of your advice.
It's a good day to return to unfinished studies, such as final papers , essays, or reports. With Retro Mercury in Sextile with Saturn, the planet of concentration and tangible rewards, completing intellectual work is more manageable. The Last Quarter Moon can affect our emotional stability, so immerse yourself in your work and treat it as meditation.
This aspect encourages networking and improved business relationships. It will be easier to understand others' perspectives.
This favorable aspect provides an opportunity to organize finances and regulate relationships with loved ones.
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