Weekly Astrological Forecast

Try to control your emotions these days and remember that any positive change starts with our positive thoughts.
Moon square Mars may result in fussiness in affairs and painful reaction to criticism. Try not to take everything said by others to heart, especially if they are your relatives. Moon square Neptune tends to distort reality and misinform us. On the other hand, the Moon trine Venus aspect will help harmonize your emotions and prove useful in shopping and any decorating work. Good for: sport exercising, vocalizing, aromatherapy, watching your favorite series.
Venus entering Taurus is the time to slow down, enjoy life's pleasures, and focus on creating stability and harmony in relationships and finances. In order not to get bored with routines, try to be imaginative and bring creativity or something new into your work. Mars conjunct Neptune will help you do that. This aspect will also help those developing their intuition and trying to listen to it. Good for: dancing, swimming, fishing, taking part in video shoots.
Mars entering Aries is the time for action and initiative. Don’t miss the chance to make significant progress toward your goals and aspirations. The Moon's harmonious aspects to Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Neptune can add originality, wisdom and creativity to your actions.Try to use personal magnetism and Moon conjunct Pluto influence to reach your goals for the good. Make sure you do not get hooked on the emotional swings of Moon square Venus. Good for: practicing tarot, doing energy practices, getting a massage, painting.
Today, romantic relationships can be linked to the theme of money, both in the form of gifts and material disagreements. The negative aspect can cause jealousy and desire to possess everything at once. Remember that you are the creator of your reality so use the favorable energies of the aspect consciously. In addition Venus square Pluto favors developed intuition in love and financial matters. Good for: listening to rock or other music a little louder than usual, for meditations on love and money.
Pluto retrograde will continue through June 1. It's an opportunity to let go of anything that no longer serves you, whether it be outdated beliefs, unhealthy patterns, or toxic relationships. The Moon's square to Uranus increases the desire to abandon the past if it brings nothing new. The Moon square Jupiter can cause you to lack a sense of proportion and struggle between habits and morals. Visualize new useful things coming into your life and positive changes won't make you wait long. Good for: cleaning, cooking exotic foods, rearranging furniture, practicing gratitude.
Today you may feel an incredible burst of strength and energy. Use this period and its powerful energy to successfully cope with any affairs. At the same time, even the best changes in life today may be perceived discomfitingly. Thus it is recommended to focus on action items and the process of achieving goals to be pleased by the outcome of your hard work in the nearest future. Good for: deep psychological insight and healing, planning and achieving your goals, sports activities.
The Moon sextile Uranus and Jupiter brings a mixture of excitement, optimism and expansion. Take advantage of the opportunities for growth, creativity, and connection that these aspects bring. The Moon conjunct Neptune advises trusting your intuition and following the wisdom of your emotions. Good for: studying psychology, foreign languages, drawing, going to the theater or cinema.
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