Total Solar Eclipse

On April 8, 2024 a total solar eclipse in Aries completes the first eclipse corridor of 2024 on the Aries — Libra axis, which was opened on March 25 by a penumbral lunar eclipse in Libra.
The total phase of solar eclipse can be observed in Mexico, the USA and Canada. Partial phases of this eclipse will be visible in North America, as well as parts of Western Europe and Central America. See the amazing celestial show with our Live stream. Keep an eye out for a banner on the main screen of the app, which will alert you to the start of the broadcast. You'll also receive a notification when the eclipse begins, so you can tune in at the right time.
A solar eclipse, in astrological terms, symbolizes a time of profound change, new beginnings, and the end of old cycles. It's considered a moment when the Universe signals a time for transformation, often by highlighting or exacerbating underlying issues in life or society that need attention or resolution. The solar eclipse in Aries highlights themes of leadership, autonomy, competition, and power struggles. Moreover, it is in the 20th degree of Aries. This is the degree of exaltation of the Sun — the highest point of vitality and energy. This means we need to tune in to love life, openness, and positivity. This will greatly influence the development of events after the eclipse. During this celestial event Sun and Moon conjunct with Chiron. Particularly if described as a fatal conjunction, it's an invitation to delve into the realm of astrology with a focus on healing, transformation, and the deeper, sometimes darker, aspects of our psyche. Chiron's presence in Aries amplifies the focus on healing wounds related to identity, assertiveness, and our capacity to take initiative. The ruler of the eclipse — Mars — conjuncts Saturn in Pisces. This configuration might symbolize a time when challenges become catalysts for change and transformation is going through effort.
We've prepared insights on beliefs that are particularly ripe for transformation during this Aries eclipse. Healing autonomy-related wounds 🌱 Experiences where your independence was stifled, perhaps due to overly restrictive parenting or relationships where your freedom and decision-making were heavily curtailed. Assert your independence through small, symbolic acts of self-reliance. Start a project or make a decision purely based on your desires, emphasizing your autonomy. For example, sign up for a class or workshop in something you've always wanted to learn. Overcoming fear of asserting oneself 🦁 Situations where you shrank back from expressing your opinions or desires for fear of conflict or not being accepted. Practice assertiveness in safe environments. Role-play scenarios where you stand up for yourself or your ideas, gradually building the confidence to do so in more challenging situations. For example, join a debate club or a public speaking group where you're encouraged to share your views. Addressing competition-related traumas 🏆 Negative experiences stemming from unhealthy competition, such as being unfairly compared to others in school, at work, or familial settings, which might have impacted your self-esteem and drive. Engage in activities where success is self-measured, focusing on personal improvement and mastery rather than competition with others. Celebrate your progress and achievements without comparison. For example, start a personal fitness journey, setting goals based on your own progress. This exploration touches on just a few issues resonant with the celestial configuration of this eclipse (autonomy, assertiveness, leadership, and competition). Share your specific situation with us, and we'll provide guidance tailored to your journey in the comments. Remember, every step taken towards healing and self-discovery during this eclipse opens the door to new beginnings and the flourishing of your true potential!
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