Weekly Astrological Forecast

This week is all about getting real with ourselves and those around us. Perhaps it's time to peel back the layers and engage in some authentic, no-holds-barred conversations - the cosmic energy is certainly on our side, especially as we approach mid-week.
Venus sextile Jupiter will fill our day with a sense of optimism and a desire to empower ourselves in various areas of life. Throughout the day, there will be good fortune in various areas of life such as relationships, finances, or personal growth. This is a time when you are more open to socializing, learning new experiences, and making the most of favorable circumstances. Good for: indulge in culinary delights, networking, updating clothes, travel planning.
When the Moon trines Pluto, you can delve deeply into dealing with difficult emotional issues, which can lead to significant personal growth and self-improvement. You may attract or make relationships that will contribute to your positive transformation. As the Moon opposes the Sun, it means that the Full Moon period has arrived! You can read more about the Full Moon in Libra in our article. Good for: embracing change, self-care, therapy or counseling.
Today you may find your thoughts and communication style diverging, leading to potential misunderstandings with others. It's important to exercise patience and introspection during this period to avoid misunderstandings or emotional bottlenecks. If you're uncertain about a situation or decision, consider seeking advice from a trusted friend or therapist who can provide a different perspective. Good for: clarifying intentions, mindful listening.
The opposition between Venus and Lilith can prompt you to explore areas of your life or aspects of your personality that you typically consider taboo, unconventional, or hidden and may encourage self-discovery and a deeper understanding of your inner desires, even those you've suppressed or ignored. Open and honest communication with your partner or potential partners is crucial during this time to navigate the complexities of your desires. Good for: exploring new hobbies, accepting your imperfections, embracing authenticity.
Sextile Venus-Uranus is a time when you may be open to finding new forms of love and innovating in your relationships with people. It will be easier for you to accept people with different lifestyles. Your sense of style and aesthetics may change. You can experiment with a new look or appreciate unconventional beauty. Also Uranus can spark your creativity and inspire you to think outside the box. This is a great time for artistic or creative endeavors that push boundaries. Good for: aesthetics changing, spontaneous acts of kindness, experimentation.
Today we have a favorable configuration of the Moon, Venus, Pluto and Neptune, contributing to a deep and productive workout of many emotions. It may be best to delay making important and responsible decisions and not to rush into things. Take the time for creative and artistic pursuits as your imagination and inspiration flow freely. Good for: shopping, cooking or dining out, yoga or tai chi, aromatherapy, empowering rituals.
The Moon square Mars stirs emotional restlessness and a quick temper. Meanwhile, the Moon's square to Saturn urges us to recognize our weaknesses and take responsibility. By the way, the trine between Sun and Moon helps us to navigate these circumstances more thoughtfully. Good for: assertiveness training, long-term planning, visualizing success So, it's time to lift the veil of mystery. We've got a feeling that this week is going to be a game-changer for you—a real source of inspiration and insight that'll spark some serious personal growth. Trust us, you've got all the potential in the world to become the absolute best version of yourself!
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