Meditations in French

You might already be familiar with our enchanting series of meditations, lovingly crafted in partnership with Samantha Pinkspinnell.
This series features 13 unique meditations designed to align you with the Moon and its influence in each Zodiac sign. Responding to popular demand, we initially made these meditations available in German. Now, we're excited to introduce the French version, broadening our linguistic horizons to embrace more of our global community.
To immerse yourself in these French meditations, simply adjust your app settings to French. For ease of access, we've gathered all meditations, in both French and German, into a special collection within our Recommended Collections section. We recognize that localization is a complex yet vital endeavor to make our app truly inclusive. Your feedback and assistance are invaluable to us. We're committed to making MoonX as accessible as possible, aiming to bring the Moon closer to you, no matter where you are or what language you speak.
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