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Come February 10th, get ready for an Aquarius New Moon that breaks the mould; it's the second in a striking series of five consecutive new supermoons.
Think of it as the cosmos' own dramatic mini-series, where each episode promises more radical changes than the last. With the first new supermoon having made its debut in January, this sequence signals a period brimming with new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s a five-month-long invitation to embrace transformation with open arms. Aquarius is the zodiac's resident rule-breaker, always dancing to the beat of its own drum. So, when the new moon dons its Water Bearer suit, it's a call to break free from the old ideas, habits, relationships and routines that no longer serve you, urging you to step into a phase where liberation and independence is celebrated. Maybe you've had this wacky idea for a project at work, something that's so out there, it might just work. Or perhaps you've been toying with the thought of adopting a lifestyle that's wildly different from the norm. Then this Aquarian super moon is your backup, encouraging you to take those ideas out of the "maybe" pile and into action. It's about championing what makes you uniquely you—whether that's launching a start-up that could revolutionise the way we recycle or simply choosing to dye your hair the boldest shade of pink. This phase is also about finding your tribe—those who appreciate the authentic you, quirks and all. Whether you’re forming new connections or deepening acceptance within your existing circle, connect with people who celebrate your uniqueness, and create a space where you're free to be your true self without reservation. In essence, this Aquarius super moon green lights pushing forward, redefining boundaries, and embodying the essence of doing you. This is your cue to confidently pursue what sets you apart and flaunt your originality in the most unapologetically original way possible.
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