Weekly Astrological Forecast

Visualize your comfort zone as a cozy sweater. With the energy of this week, it's time to trade it for a spacesuit and embark on a journey into the uncharted territory of new experiences.
Start with emotional clarity and insight, pivot towards transformative opportunities, and conclude with wise, thoughtful choices. It's the day to trust your intuition and embrace change, balanced by a mindful approach to life's practicalities. Good for: journaling, reflective walk, decluttering or organizing your space, planning your week ahead.
The Sun sextile Chiron aspect brings focus on healing and learning. Mercury's conjunction with Pluto indicates a day of deep thinking and intense conversations. Also, Venus' challenging angle to Chiron brings a delicate touch to relationships. It's important to be gentle with yourself and others, as there can be a tendency to feel more sensitive or easily hurt. Good for: relaxing bath, deep reading or watching a thought-provoking documentary, simple acts of kindness.
The day's energy may feel a bit hazy or confusing. This aspect often brings dreamy, imaginative quality, but can also lead to some lack of clarity in emotions or perceptions. So, be mindful of not getting too lost in daydreams. Good for: creative activities, meditation, dream analysis.
The day calls for reevaluations in our interactions, thanks to Venus' square with the Node, while also opening doors to creatively expressing our true selves, influenced by Venus trine Uranus. Good for: networking, unconventional choices, impromptu adventures, relationship check-in.
The Sun sextile Node fosters a sense of alignment with personal goals and life paths. Actions taken under that aspect can be guided by intuition and a sense of higher purpose. However, the Sun square Uranus introduces a layer of unpredictability and urges for independence. Mars sextile Neptune brings a boost to your creative and intuitive powers. Good for: revising personal goals, exploring spiritual interests, stepping out of your comfort zone.
The New Moon in Aquarius is the time for new beginnings, particularly in areas that involve innovation, community, and seeking the greater good. Read our special article dedicated to this event! On the other side, Moon square Jupiter can bring a sense of adventure and desire to take on exciting challenges and encourage spontaneous actions. Overall, proceed with a level of caution and mindfulness to ensure that these exciting endeavors are pursued wisely and safely. Good for: wish-map creation, new ideas or projects, community activities.
You might find yourself thinking big, exploring new horizons, and embracing the potential for growth. Just remember to balance your enthusiasm with attention to detail to make the most of this expansive energy. Good for: healthy debates, planning, exploring new places. So, welcome these adventures, but rest assured that your favorite sweater is never too distant for those moments when you yearn for its comforting warmth.
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