Moon X

Moon Phase and Moon Calendar



Moon Phases

The Moon with over 10 useful parameters.

Moon Calendar

Calendar with selected month and usffule parameters of the Moon.

Moon Tips

Tips and tricks for your life on every day.

The application is designed to help you find simple answers to complicated questions that you may have. If you find inspiration and beauty in the sky above you, our application is the right one for you as we have worked restlessly to offer you the best experience.

Enjoy full set of MoonX features on iPhone and iPad.


- Moon Phases and Lunar Days
- Actual Moon phase
- Affirmations
- Moon Zodiac
- Moon Calendar for past and future
- Actual Lunar zodiac sign
- Moon and Sun Rise and Set time
- Notifications of upcoming Moon phases and lunar events
- Real-time Moon data
- Moon Compass pointing at the Moon
- Live Moon

Imagine you could have a piece of space right in your pocket and have access to the most actual information and the most precise knowledge about the Moon and its influence on all spheres of life.

Always be aware of Moon Phases and Lunar Days as well as Current appearance of the Luna, Check out Actual Moon phase, Actual Moon age and Actual Moon day, Have fun telling everyone exact Current distance to the Moon and Real-time Moon data, Keep track of the percentage of moonlight and Moon and Sun Rise and Set times, With MoonX application you will have Complete Moon Phase Calendar with daily tips and advice in your pocket.

Plan your upcoming month based on the Actual Lunar zodiac sign and

Follow Moon Calendar for past and future,

Get inspired by the Affirmations and share the most actual ones in Instagram stories.

Be the most efficient with the lunar calendar , Moon X is the right app for you. The best selenologists and astrologers work with our team.